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Teaching related resources, links and ideas for Primary Native English Teachers in Hong Kong.
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Phonics / Phonemic Awareness
Action Alphabet
  - Flashcards (EDB).pdf
  - Index Sheet.doc
  - Powerpoint.ppt
  - Worksheet.doc
Alphabet Chants:
  - Alphabet Train
  - ch sh th wh.doc
  - Chipmuck Alphabet Chants.mp3
  - EDB A-Z: doc, pdf
  - Song
  - My Alphabet Book
  - Mr Tom's TEFL
  - Primary Phonics: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Initial Sounds Teaching Order
Lesson for Parents
Long Vowels:
  - Loop Cards
  - Magic e:
      - I'm Magic E Songsheet.doc and mp3
      - Magic E Lesson.ppt
      - Mick and Mike.ppt
  - Monster Phonics Games
Readers for KS1 and KS2
Sorry Board Game
Teaching Programmes:
  - KS1 Phonics (7Mb)
  - Tsuen Wan English Teacher Support
    Network (QEF):
      - Phonics [a-z] (6.5Mb)
      - Phonics [blends, long vowels] (3.5Mb)
Vowel Mouth Shape Cartoons (EDB).zip

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