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Teaching related resources, links and ideas for Primary Native English Teachers in Hong Kong.
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Behaviour/Classroom Management:
  - 6 Things to Implement Now
  - Behaviour 2 Learn
  - Better Behaviour: Micro-skills
  - Bill Rodgers Top Ten Tips
  - Dr Bill Rodgers Videos
  - East-West:
      - Chinese v Western Beliefs
      - Views on the Self
  - Five Ways of Managing
  - Managing Behaviour
  - Promoting Positive Behaviour
  - The Teacher's Guide
  - 10 Ways For Better Conversation
  - How to Speak so People Listen
  - Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe
  - Coursera Online Courses
      - A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior
  - edX Online Courses
  - Teacher Professional Development
Critical Analysis:
  - AI: A Step Closer
  - Advertising Fraud:
      - A Beginner's Guide
      - Biggest Online Fraud in History
  - Anatomy of Pseudoscience
  - Answering Conspiracy Theorists
  - Automation and the end of work myth
  - Big Data is Speculation not Profit
  - Can Uber Ever Make a Profit
  - Checklist Manifesto
  - Chocolate Helps Weight Loss
  - Conspiracy Thinking
  - Denialism
  - Dutch Tulip Mania Myth
  - How to Call BS on Big Data
  - Logical Fallacies
  - Mindfulness v Watching TV
  - Misinformation Wars
  - Online Safe Harbour Has a Problem
  - pHacking
  - Plastic Harms Ocean Evidence Weak
  - Reproducibility is Critical
  - Scientific Literacy: Part 1, Part 2
  - Scientific Studies
  - Seven Myths of the Digital Age
  - Topical Index
  - Tricks of the Trade: Glossary of Terms
  - What Journalists Get Wrong
  - Why Paper Jams Persist

  - E-Books: Considerations for Early Readers
  - Systematic Evaluation of Apps
General Pedagogy:
  - Catering to Learner Diversity
  - Differentiated Instruction
  - Effective Teaching: Ten Tips
  - Hattie Ranking of Student Achievement
  - Integrative Education Model
  - Myth of Learning Styles:
      - No Evidence to Back Idea
      - ResearchGate Paper
      - Stop Propogating the Myth
      - Tackling the Myth
  - Theme-based Teaching and Learning for YLs
  - Tools for Teaching by Fred Jones
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Higher Order Thinking:
  - Critical Thinking, Creativity and Cultural
        Awareness Through Language Arts
  - The Little Boy Analogy: Vsn 1, Vsn 2
  - Metacognition and Student Learning
  - ReadWriteThink Strategy Guides
  - Thinking Strategies
Language Acquisition:
  - ESL Research
  - Five Stages of 2nd Lang Acquisition
  - Motiviation in 2nd Language
  - Remedial Teaching of English
  - Understanding Language
  - Understanding Learning English
Native-speaking English Teacher Research
  - Biologising Parenting
  - Boost Intelligence by Training?
  - Brain Training: A Meta Review
  - Brain Training - No Walk in the Park
  - Growing Better Brains
  - Learning to Tame a Noisy Brain
  - Analytic v Synthetic
  - HKedCity Phonics
  - Phonemic Awareness
  - Phonics in Action
  - Principles of Quality Phonics (UK)
  - Progression in Phonics (UK)
  - Strategies to Maximize Pleasurable
        Learning Experiences
  - When Language Arts Meets Phonics
  - Finland's Secret Sauce: Its Teachers
  - Professional Capital: Video, Paper
  - Children of the Code
  - Common Reading Problems & How To Help
  - Enhancing Decoding Efficiency
  - Enhancing Vocabulary Learning
  - The Four Resources Model
  - HKedCity Shared Reading
  - Inquiry-Based Reading Instruction
  - Reading Aloud to Children: The Evidence
  - Reading Recovery Strategies
  - Reading Workshop: My Classroom
  - Resources
  - Student-led Book Talks
  - Teaching Reading (Aus National Literacy Inquiry)
Research Tools:
  - Citation Guide (Purdue OWL)
  - Search: CUHK, ERIC, Google Scholar
  - Scrivener Content Generation Tool
Touch Typing:
  - Online Typewriter
  - Touch Typing
  - Type
  - Type Writer
  - Z-Type
Useful Texts:
  - The Differentiated Classroom (Tomlinson)
  - Games for Language Learning (Wright)
  - Growing Up in a Risk Averse Society (Gill)
  - How to Teach English (Harmer)
  - Library Genesis Search
  - Multimodality and Literacy in the Classroom (Jewitt)
  - Practical English Usage (Swann)
  - The Practice of ELT (Harmer)
  - Project Gutenburg Free eBooks
  - Research Methods in Education (Cohen)
  - Teaching Drama in the Classroom (Dowdy)
  - Teaching Languages to YLs (Cameron): 1, 2
  - Teaching and Learning 21st Century Skills (Rand)