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APASO Assessment Program for Affective and Social Outcomes LC Literacy Coordinator
APSM Assistant Primary School Master/Mistress LET Local English Teacher
ASP Advisory Support Plan LPAT(E) Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers
AT Advisory Teacher LPR Language Proficiency Requirement
ATT Advisory Teacher Team LRC Language Resource Centre (Closed Feb 2004)
BCA Basic Competency Assessment MOI Medium of Instruction
CA Classroom Assistant NAP Noise Abatement Programme
CDC Curriculum Development Centre NESTA Native English Speaking Teachers' Association
CDI Curriculum Development Institute NET Native English Teacher
CECES HK Council of Early Childhood Education & Services NSS New Senior Secondary [school structure]
CLE HKIED Centre for Language In Education PD Professional Development
CM Certificated Master/Mistress PI Performance Indicators
CMI Chinese as the Medium of Instruction PLP-R Primary Literacy Programme - Reading
CNCC Certificate of No Criminal Conviction PLP-R/W Primary Literacy Programme - Reading + Writing
COTAP Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals PNET Primary Native English Teacher
CPC Council on Professional Conduct in Ed'n POAS Primary One Admission/Allocation System
DSS Direct Subsidy Scheme PS1 Pre-Secondary One Hong Kong Attainment Test
EDB Education Bureau QEF Quality Education Fund
EDF Education Development Fund QKT Qualified Kindergarten Teacher [Qualification]
ELC HKIED English Learning Centre QPR Quarterly Progress Report (Internal ATT)
ELCG English Language Curriculum Guide REO Regional Education Office
ELTA English Language Teaching Assistant RNC Reginal NET Co-ordinator (For SNETs)
EMB Education and Manpower Bureau
 - renamed to EDB on 1 July 2007
RSF Reading Skills Framework
EMI English as the Medium of Instruction SBM School-based Management
EPC English Panel Chair SBSS School-Based Support Scheme Grant
ERS Extensive Reading Scheme SCOLAR Standing Committee on Language Education and Research
ESDA E-platform for School Development and Accountability SBPS School-based Professional Support
ESR External School Review SCRC Sexual Conviction Record Check
GE General English SE(M) Secretary for Education (and Manpower)
GELT General English Language Tutor SDO School Development Officer
GSPF Grant Schools Provident Fund SERC Special Education Resource Centre
HKCAA HK Council for Academic Accreditation SET School English Teacher
HKCAAVQ HK Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications SHS Stakeholder Survey
HKAYP HK Award for Young People SMC School Management Committee
HKEAA HK Examinations and Assessment Authority SNET Secondary Native English Teacher
HKIED HK Institute of Education SSB School Sponsoring Body
HKPTU HK Professional Teachers' Union SSE School Self-evaluation
HKSDF HK School Drama Festival SSM School Support Model
HKSMSA HK Schools Music and Speech Association SSPA Secondary School Places Allocation System
HKSSF HK School Sports Federation SSPF Subsidized Schools Provident Fund
HKTC Hong Kong Teachers' Centre SST School Support Team
IELP Integrated English Language Programme (CECES) STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
IMC Incorporated Management Committee TA Teacher Assistant
IRTP Intensive Remedial Teaching Programme in Primary Schools TSA Territory-wide System Assessment
ISFA International Schools Foundation Academy WLTS Web-based Learning and Teaching Support
KEYS2 Key Stage 2 Literacy Development
 - EDB pilot project 2016
KIP Key Stage 2 Integration Programme
KPM Key Performance Measures @ @
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