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PLP-R/W Resources - Ideas and resources that support the EDB's PLP-R/W Programme
All Units
  - Action Alphabet Resources
  - Alphabet Chants Resources
  - Daily Readers to Support HR
  - Home Reading Booklet (EDB)
  - My First Dictionary: 1, 2 (EDB)
  - Shared Reading Initial Sound ppts
  - Vowel Mouth Shape Cartoons (EDB).zip
Hear We Go
  - Adapted Lesson Plans
  - Brown Bear.ppt
  - One Little Monkey.ppt
Where Am I?
  - 'at' Videos
  - Big Book Text Alterations
  - Content words animal pictures.doc
Fun Time at the Zoo
  - Content Word Loop Cards
All Units
  - Daily Readers to Support HR
At the Beach
  - Alphabet Chants sh.doc
Our Cousin in Canada
  - Alphabet Chants ch th wh.doc
  - Amended Big Book Text
  - Feelings - People Pictures.doc
  - Our TH Song.doc
A Tale of Two Turtles
  - Amended Book Text
  - Amended Book Text
  - 2W: EN Song.doc
  - 2W: Leaflet Template: No Cutting For Ss
  - 3R: Simpler Example Leaflet
  - 3R: Colour Example Leaflet
  - 3R: Simpler Leaflet WS
  - 4W: Leaflet Template: No Cutting For Ss
Henry Hamster's Week
  - Amended Book Text
  - Content Word Loop Cards
All Units
  - Daily Readers to Support HR
  - TSA Prep Class
Mouse to Mouse
  - Big Book PowerPoint
Cool Kids
  - Key Word Skills Worksheets
Green Earth Project Week
  - Amended Book Text
  - Verb Table 1 (EDB)
  - Verb Table 2 (EDB)
Amy's Diary
  - Amended Book Text
  - Amended Unit Overview.doc
  - Non Gender-specific Diary.doc
  - Recount Diary Planner.doc
  - What Did I Write Song.doc
Florence and Drago
  - Amended Book Text
  - Amended Friendly Dragon Song