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EDB Contacts For NET-Related Matters
Click on pictures for aided/special and government school contacts:
Who to Contact
All EDB Matters Relating to Your Employer: - Your school's SSDO in the REO - Regional Education Office
Centralised Professional Development: - Katrina Hung, Fanny Cheung - NET Section
Contracts, EDB Candidate Pool:
- Aided, Caput, Special Schools
- Government Schools
- Mr Ho, Tania Sze, Yvette Lo
- Noel Lee

- NET Admin Team
- Administration Division

Fringe Benefit Application:
(SA, RI, Passage, Medical, Baggage, Salary Advance)
- Aided, Caput, Special Schools
- Government Schools
- Mr Ho, Tania Sze, Yvette Lo
- Noel Lee
- NET Admin Team
- Administration Division
Deployment, Curriculum, Teaching: - Your AT (PNET), Your RNC (SNET) - NET Section
Gratuity, Salary, Leave:
- Aided, Caput, Special Schools
- Government Schools

- Your school's SSDO in the REO
- Ms Pang, Noel Lee

- Regional Education Office
- Administration Division
Induction: - Fanny Cheung - NET Section
Newsletter: - Jeremy Gray - NET Section
Payments Not Received:
- Aided, Caput, Special Schools
  - Flights, Medical, Baggage - Ms Wong (PNET), Matthew Wong (SNET), Ginny Wu (Special) - Finance Division
  - RI, SA, Salary, Gratuity - Fiona Wan (PNET), Ms Lam (SNET) - Finance Division
- Government Schools - Karen Tang - Finance Division
Professional Misconduct: - Connie Kam - Teacher Professional Conduct Team
Qualification and Salary Assessment:
- Recruited via EDB Pool
- Recruited by School

- Tania Sze
- Your school's SSDO in the REO

- NET Admin Team
- Regional Education Office
Recruitment, Vacancies:

- Wandie Wong
- Karen So, Ms Liu

- NET Section
- NET Admin Team
School Transfer: - Carol Pang (PNET)
- William Cheng (SNET)
- NET Section

Education Bureau (Senior Directorate, Principal Assistant Secretary) Kevin Yeung, Christine Choi, Edward To
Curriculum and Quality Assurance Branch   |
Curriculum Development Institute (Central Government Offices)
  Curriculum Development Institute
     |- Gloria Chan
       |- Edith Tse
Native-speaking English Teacher Section         |- Joe Leung
  Quality Assurance and School-based Support Division      |
School-based Support Office         |
Language Learning Support Section            |- Betty Leung
Professional Development & Special Education Branch   |
  Professional Development and Training Division      |- Teresa Chan, Ms LEE Wai Ping
Teacher Administration Section                                  |- Cliff Hui
Central Salary Verification Team            |
NET Admin Team                                               |- Rita Tse
Teacher Support Services Team            |- Hyman Wong
Teacher Professional Conduct & Professional Growth Section                                  |- Aris Wong
Teacher Professional Conduct Team            | Connie Kam
School Development Division
Hong Kong Regional Education Office
Central & Western District School Development Section
Southern District School Development Section
Wan Chai District School Development Section
Islands District School Development Section
Hong Kong East District School Development Section
Corporate Services Branch
  Administration Division
Appointment and Personnel Section
  Finance Division
Management Services Sub-Division 2
Funds Section
Salaries Grant for Monthly Paid Staff in Aided Schools Sub-section
Financial Services Sub-Division
Resource Management Section
Recurrent Subventions Section

Kevin Yeung
(Eddie Ng)
Secretary for Education 2810 2657
Policy Matters and Liaison with LegCo Education Panel
Dr Christine Choi
(Kevin Yeung)
Under Secy for Education 2810 3802 Policy Matters and Liaison with LegCo Education Panel
 Senior Directorate
Edward To
(Mrs Chan Siu Suk Fan Jun2020, Mr WOO Chun Sing May2019, Catherine KK Chan)
Dep Secy for Education (4) 3509 8514 Policy Matters and Liaison with LegCo Education Panel

 Management   (Civil Service Employees)
Teresa Chan
(Benjamin Yeung Sep2020)
Principal Assistant Secretary (Professional Dev't & Training) 3509 8509 Policy Matters and Liaison with LegCo Education Panel
Ms LEE Wai Ping
(Anissa Wong Mar2019, Godwin Lai, Mrs Hong)
Prin Ed Offr(PDT) 2892 5723 Escalation of NET Admin Issues
Cliff Hui
(Mr Chan, Mr Lee,Andy Lok)
CPDO(TAdm) 2892 5801 Escalation of NET Admin Issues
Rita Tse
(Lusheeta Tam Jan2020, Amy Cheng Mar2015, Mr Cheng Sep2014, William Chu Sep2008)
Ed Offr(NET Adm)
2892 6525 NET Admin Issues
 Other Staff   (Civil Service Employees)   Click here for full list
Mr Ho
(Hazel Li Sep2020, Cherry Wong Mar2016, Priscilla Chan Oct2014, Royce Wong Sep2013)
Asst Ed Offr(NET Adm)
2892 6495
Contracts, Forms, Admin Issues (Responds to enquiries made to Ed Offr)
Tania Sze (From ~Sep2016)
(Anne Ho Mar2014, Bernard Tam Sep2011)
ExO(NET Adm)
3540 7435 Salary Assessment, Qualifications, Admin Issues
Yvette Lo
(Aegean Mak Sep2020)
ExO(TAdm)22 3540 6933 Salary Assessment, Qualifications, Admin Issues
Ms Lam From Sep2020
(Karen So Sep2019-Feb2020, Bernard Tam May2019, Mr Yeung May2018, Cyrus Lin, Bernard Tam, Lydia Cheung, Alex Ho, Ricky Lau, Lillian Wong, Phoebe Mok)
PO(TAdm) until May2018
Recruitment Offr(TAdm)
Recruitment Offr(NET Adm)
2892 6498
Ms Liu
(Jolene Chow Jan2020, Alison Ngai, Helen Lau, Alan Law, Sally Wong)
2892 6426
Recruitment Assistant
Position No Longer Filled:
- (Kristy Ko (May2018), Sandra Ho, Glory Tsui)

- AA(TAdm)21

- Recruitment Assistant

 Senior Management   (Civil Service Employees)
Gloria Chan
(Sheridan Lee Sep2019, Stephen Yip)
Principal Assistant Secretary(Curriculum Dev't) 3509 8529 Policy Matters and Liaison with LegCo Education Panel
Edith Tse
(Gloria Chan Sep2019, Joe Ng Aug2019, Sheridan Lee)
Prin Ed Offr(CD)1 2892 6696 Escalation of NET Section Issues
Joe Leung
(Rosana Chong May2012, Simon Tham Apr2010)
Ch Curriculum Dev Offr(NET) 3549 8338
Escalation of NET Section Issues
William Cheng
(Ralph Barnes Feb2011)
Sr Curriculum Dev Offr(NET)1
(RNC Line Manager)
3549 8339
Escalation of RNC Issues
Secondary Projects, Induction
Carol Pang
(From Jan 2020)
Sr Curriculum Dev Offr(NET)2
(AT Line Manager)
3549 8336 Escalation of AT Issues
Primary Projects, NET Section Newsletter
Jeremy Gray
PM (PNET) (AT Team Leader) 3549 8334 Literacy Projects, Escalation of PNET/AT Issues
Lionell Horn PM(I&P) (AT Team Leader) 3549 8354 Seed Projects, Publicity, Escalation of PNET/AT Issues
Brenda Choy (From Jan2020)
- (Carol Pang Oct2018, Jimmy Leung Sep2018, Alice Wong Aug2018)
Curric Dev Offr(NET)1 (AT Team Leader) 3549 8301 PNET Curriculum Development
Adys Wong
(Bonnie Ko)
Curric Dev Offr(NET)2 (RNC Team Leader) 3549 8309 SNET Curriculum Development
Eva Chiu
(T Kempston)
Curric Dev Offr(NET)3 (RNC Team Leader) 3549 8359 SNET Curriculum Development
Winnie Cheung Curric Dev Offr(NET)4 (AT Team Leader) 3549 8366 PNET Curriculum Development
Winnie So Curric Dev Offr(NET)5 (AT Team Leader) 3549 8317 PNET Curriculum Development
 Advisory Teachers (ATs)   (Employed under NET contracts)
- Click here for list PNET Support
 Regional NET Co-ordinators (RNCs)   (Employed under NET contracts)

- Click here for NET Section list and here for civil service addresses.

SNET Support
Position Vacant
- (Jan Chiu Sep2020, Ribbon Dai Aug2018)
LPDO (PNET) 3549 8352 Literacy Programme Development
Fanny Cheung PDPC(NET) 3549 8348 PD Programme, Induction
Wandie Wong PAM(NET) 3549 8332 AT/RNC Recruitment
Jennifer Pong
(Helena Wong)
LPC(PNET)1 3549 8345 Literacy Programmes
Jenny Wai LPC(PNET)2 3549 8351 Literacy Programmes
Patricia Wong PM(PiE) 3549 8333 Puppetry Project Management
Horace Tam
(Alison Ng)
EO(NET) 3549 8331 Puppetry Competition
Katrina Hung ACO(NET) 3549 8369 Centralised PD Registration and Enquiries
Positions No Longer Filled:
- (Kiki Choi, Laurel Lewis) - Project Officer II(SNET) - Admin Issues
- (Patricia Wong, Teresa Chu Jan2020, Lionell Horn, Christina Suen) - APM(PNET)1/2/3/4 - Escalation of PNET/AT Issues
- (Jenny Lim) - eLPM(NET) [Replaced by 'PM(I&P)']  
- (Jeremy Gray Nov2018) - Deputy Proj Dir(PNET) [Replaced by 'PM(PNET)']
- (Suman Cheung Oct2019, Toby Chu, Andy Lam) - PA(NET) - Centralised PD Enquiries
Reception 3549 8300
2334 8707f General Enquiries
11/F, Tsuen Wan Multi-storey Carpark Building, 174-208 Castle Peak Road,Tsuen Wan. View map
Note: The lift is located on the 1st floor and is marked in black on the map. It is most easily located by coming out of MTR Exit C, walking straight on into the Luk Yeung Galleria shopping centre, taking the first right onto an elevated walkway across a road and walking down the first steps on your right.

 Staff   (Civil Service Employees)    Click here for full list
Noel Lee
(Anthony Wong, Rose Chan)
EO(AP)42 2892 6184 Contract Documents and Admin for Government Schools
- Can provide updates on when new contracts will be issued and all admin issues for Government Primary Schools
Ms Pang
(Rosa Ng)
CO(Leave & Passages) 2892 6152 Flight Forms for Government Schools
- Can provide updates on receipt and processing of application forms for passage reimbursement for Government Primary Schools

 Staff   (Civil Service Employees)    Click here for full list
Ms Wong Oct2019
(Mrs Yeung)
CO(RS)Primary 2892 6232 Primary Payments: Flights, Baggage, Medical
Matthew Wong
(Ms Wu Oct2019-Feb2020, Sam Wan)
CO(RS)Secondary 2892 6233 Secondary Payments: Flights, Baggage, Medical
Ginny Wu
(Polly Miu Feb2020, Ms Kwan)
CO(RS)Special 2892 6234 Special School Payments: Flights, Baggage, Medical
- Can confirm status of fringe benefit payments made to Aided/Special schools (flights, medical, baggage).

 Office Details    Click here for full list
Reception Ask for the SSDO of your school 2863 4646
2891 0088
2892 6525
All EDB matters relating to your school
- The SSDO (Senior School Development Officer) is the main EDB contact for your school and should be able to advise on EDB policy as it relates to your school.

 Staff   (Civil Service Employees)    Click here for full list
Karen Tang
(Elsa Mak, Mr Hui)
SCO(MC) 2892 6248 Payments: Salary, Gratuity, RI, SA, baggage, flights, medical
(Government Schools)
- Can confirm status of all payments made to government schools (salary, gratuity, RI, SA, baggage, flights, medical).

TEACHER PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT TEAM [Professional Development and Training
 Staff   (Civil Service Employees)    Click here for full list
Connie Kam
(Icy Yiu Jun 2020)
SPDO(TPC) 2892 5436
- Responsible for dealing with reported cases of professional misconduct

 Staff   (Civil Service Employees)    Click here for full list
Fiona Wan
(Patrick Lau)
CO(Primary) 2892 6220 Payments: Salary, Gratuity, RI, SA
Cindy Yeung
(Ms Lam Jun2020, Connie So)
CO(Secondary) 2892 6221 Payments: Salary, Gratuity, RI, SA
- Can confirm status of all payments to Aided/Special schools made via the school's salary grant (salary, gratuity, RI and SA) and contact school to chase payment to NET.

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